The Guns of Icarus Online adventure mode has been successfully Kickstarter funded

I know I’ve said it before, but Guns of Icarus Online is truly the best first person airship to airship combat game. If you’ve never taken to the sky in your trusty Pyramidion to ram a disabled foe, then you don’t possibly know the joys of airship combat. Crazy question though, what if airship combat wasn’t head to head? What if there could be player vs. environment?

The team over at Muse Games and pondered this question, fastened an answer, ran a Kickstarter to fund this concept, and now have the cash money to make their dreams become reality. Not too shabby if you ask me. With this new mode, players will be introduced to more of the Guns of Icarus Online lore and world. No longer will you be just floating over a barren desert but you’ll be performing quests and missions against AI controlled baddies.    

Good guy Muse Games didn’t reach their stretch goal for the political system but are still going to try and make the political system with what they have to work with. I’ve personally never heard of a team not reach a certain goal on Kickstarter but attempt it anyways. CEO Howard Tsao had this to say about where the funds will go and what features to expect:

"First I would like to thank all of our supporters, including those that purchased our current game as well as those that are helping fund the next phase. We're absolutely certain we can deliver a PvE experience that will live up to everyone's expectations and be a blast to play and explore. On top of that we're going to strive to deliver the Econo-Political structure discussed in the Kickstarter event, adding dynamic quest and political relations to the PvE framework. While we fell a little short of the funding goal for that addition, we believe it is still within our grasp.”

This team gets mad props from me and on a personal note, I look very forward to adventure mode. See you in the skies.