The gold Wii Nunchuk returns to Club Nintendo Nov. 26

Holy sh*t, you guys, it's happening! Nintendo has brought back the gold Nunchuk. After being out of commission for a couple of months, it looks like the sexy reward has made its triumphant return to Club Nintendo.

For 900 Coins, you'll be able to snag your own gold Nunchuk. Obviously, the peripheral will be available in limited quantities, so be sure to act fast if you really want one. You'll be able to redeem you Club Nintendo Coins for the Nunchuk starting November 26.

If you're in the market for other wares, you can also download Art Style: Rotozoa on WiiWare for 100 Coins and Touch Solitaire for the 3DS, also priced at 100 Coins. Seriously, though, that Nunchuk …

[Club Nintendo]

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