The god Loki, the Trickster God, has been revealed for Smite

Loki is your stealth ‘how did you get there and why am I dead’ sort of god.  Very very sneaky.  This melee physical fighter in Smite gets bonus damage when he’s stabbing at your back.  His kit also includes a vanish with movement speed increase, a decoy that will taunt foes which explodes, and aimed strike that does additional damage and slows, and an assassinate ability when he teleports a short range and gives ya a nice little stabbing.      

Loki will be terrifying coming out of the jungle so players on the opposite team will always have to look out for the constant ganks.  The whole ‘now you see me now you don’t’ gameplay should always leave you guessing and paranoid.  While Loki has a definite Shaco sound to him from League of Legends, but such is the way of MOBAs; "shoulders of giants" and all. 

Check out the video below and start freaking out the other team.  Happy Halloween. 

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