The Ghostbusters international trailer shows off some new footage, teases of Slimer & Rowan

At least the trailers are getting better

The latest Ghostbusters is an international one and as there is a lot of re-used content, Sony does manage to show off glimpses of new things like the new giant marshmallow man — Rowan.
Ever since the debut trailer for the rebooted franchise, the community seemed to be very displeased with what Sony and Paul Feig is doing to a 'beloved' franchise. Regardless of how you feel about it, you should at least try to give this movie the benefit of the doubt before totally writing it off.
If you happen to be one of the few that are excited about the film, it might be worth noting that a Ghostbusters game is releasing in the near future. The game is said to be a tie-in with the film, giving the players the ability to choose their characters and help rid the New York streets of Ghosts; the Ghostbusters The Video Game is set to launch July 12.
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