The future of Titanfall outlined by Respawn

Following the Titanfall panel at PAX East, in which Respawn Entertainment briefly touched on the future plans of their blockbuster shooter — revealing Expedition — the developer today posted an outline of their "next steps."

"Now that we are transitioning from making the game to supporting it, one of the many things I want to improve is what I call our 'update tempo' – not just accelerating how often we update the game, but also improving our frequency and quality of communication about those updates with the community," said Game Director Steve Fukuda.

So what can we expect going forward?

For starters, Respawn plans on "tending the garden." Rather than adding new features, they are instead going to focus on fixing the current game. Minor tweaks and fixes, such as a the adjustments to the Gooser challenge and weapon balance, are the sort of improvements you can expect. "This is all about the core health of game," Fukuda added.

Then there are "convenience features" that will "make your life more pleasant in Titanfall." These features are things you use or do repeatedly, like the introduction of the Party Colors feature, allowing you to easily identify fellow party members in game and in the lobby.

Beyond that are "infrastructural features," like the beta release of Private Match. "In future updates, we'll be bringing you the first wave of custom Private Match options, allowing you to personally tweak your Private Match experience in a variety of ways," Fukuda said. "Whenever possible, we want to get these kinds of features out early in beta form, in order to get your feedback and arrive at the best possible result through multiple iterations. Competition-oriented and what we call 'competitive spirit' features also fall into this category."

Lastly, there's tangible content, like a new Burn Card set, and Titan "Nose Art" Insignias that you can customize your Titan with. Coming in May, there's the Expedition Map Pack.

"Our plans for supporting Titanfall are simple. We'll keep you better informed between updates, and we'll deliver free updates to you on a regular basis," Fukuda concluded. "We are constantly tweaking our support plans in response to your feedback, and although we cannot promise everything requested will go through, we are listening. Thanks again for playing Titanfall, and keep the feedback coming!"