The four aspects of BioShock Infinite’s Elizabeth

The fact that it’s Wednesday means we are officially less than a week away from BioShock Infinite. If it wasn’t for PAX East in a few days, I’d probably be chewing my fingernails off at this point; the anticipation! With six days to go, Irrational Games has the nerve to constantly make awesome videos to entice us more – savages.

Like for instance, this very new and very informative video all about the creation of the character of Elizabeth. From Ken Levine talking about her creation and importance to the voice actress (Courtnee Draper) commenting on Elizabeth’s range of emotion – this video covers nearly every aspect of the character. The goal is to make the character come more to life in an ideally unique experience. 

Check out the video below and see what went into the face, body, brain, and voice of Elizabethe. Remember, avoid spoilers!