The Flash season 3 will start off with Flashpoint

Flashpoint Paradox?!

flashpoint gz

The season finales of both Arrow and Flash left fans a bit disappointed, but it seems like The Flash's season 3 will try and get on fans' good side, just the name of the first episode tells that.

Earlier today Grant Gustin, who plays Barry Allen aka The Flash, took to twitter to tease fans by tweeting "Just finished reading episode 3-01 titled JK NOT GONNA TELL YOU YET! I'm SO excited to get back to work in 2 weeks. #TheFlashSeason3" but the man behind the show gave Gustin green light to tell the world what episode one of season three will be named, and the hype is somewhat real again.

Here it is, episode 3-01 of The Flash will be called Flashpoint!

For those who don't understand what to be excited about then I'll explain it. The name "Flashpoint" is referring to the Flashpoint Paradox story which has become a recent fan favorite and can be found both in comic form and as an animated movie, and both are of very high quality. It is one of the bigger events in the DC universe. If you want to avoid spoilers turn away now.

In Flashpoint The Flash wakes up to discover that his mother Nora no longer is dead, but his father is. Captain Cold is the new superhero in town, and the Justice League never existed, something is clearly wrong. The Atlanteans and the Amazons are in a long war which is similar to Game of Thrones and a whole lot of people die, Wonder Woman is killing reporters and a good time was had by no one. It was Bruce who died in the alle, turning Thomas Wayne into Batman and his mother Martha into The Joker. Superman was intercepted by the government and held in a  underground bunker and never turned into Superman, and when freed he just flies off. Barry Allen has needs to go back in time to save the world and stop himself from altering the timeline.

Basically everything is wrong compared to what Barry Allen is used to and it is his fault since he went back in time to save his mother and that changed everything to the worse. This is also one of the best stories in the DC universe in my opinion and defiantly worth a read or a watch. Now we just hope that the tv show The Flash lives up to expectations.