The first theatrical trailer has dropped for the Russian superhero epic, ‘Guardians’

Russia is stepping up their game and giving 'Avengers' a run for their money!

The first theatrical trailer for Russia's upcoming superhero ensemble epic, 'Guardians, has been released.

The US' summer comic book movie season may have finally ended, but that doesn't mean there's nothing left to look forward to. While we here in the states have the likes of 'Doctor Strange', 'Justice League', and several others on the horizon, it seems that Russia has decided to step up their game and release their very own superhero movie.

'Guardians' was announced a while back with a quick teaser trailer, but what we saw was nothing like the newest full length trailer (check it out above!). We get a better idea of what they'll deliver and it does not dissappoint. The story centers on the Russian military recruiting a team of medahumans created during the Cold War to combat the evil Kuratov, a terrorist with  overthrowing the government with an army of robotic weapons.

The team includes Ler, a geo-mancing earth bender, Xenia, a femme fatale whose body can turn into water, Khan, the team's super speedster assassin wielding a pair of badass curved swords, and Arsus, a massive minigun toting werebear!

The official release date for the movie is February 2017, but it only pertains to Russia. With any hope, 'Guardians' might get a US release date, but that remains to be seen.