The Expendables 2 video game to launch first on PS3 as part of ‘PSN Play’

As part of PSN Play, which offers gamers discounts when purchasing multiple PlayStation Network games, Sony has announced they are now accepting pre-orders for The Expendables 2 video game.

The Expendables 2 game, a tie in to the blockbuster film that will hit theaters in August, is the first game in this year's PSN Play line-up and will actually launch first exclusively on PS3 before releasing for Xbox 360 at a later date.

This co-op, arcade style shoot 'em up takes place just before the events in the upcoming movie. Up to four players will be able to partake in this action-packed adventure that spans a number of exotic locations including Somalian deserts, Burmese jungles, and more.

The Expendables 2 will release for PSN on July 31 for $14.99. Playstation Plus members can get the game for $11.99, 20% off, during launch week. As part of the PSN Play program, pre-ordering the game now will earn you a free theme based on The Expendables 2.

Other titles that will be available during PSN Play are Sound Shapes, Papo & Yo, and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Purchasing these games together will earn you credit to spend on anything else in the PlayStation Store.