The epic Game of Thrones ‘Battle of the Bastards’ scene was made into a tribute to WoW’s Leeroy Jenkins

It's so hilarious.

While the last Game of Thrones episode for season six climbs to the highest ratings the series has ever seen, someone has made a tribute out of the episode. In 'Battle of the Bastards' we saw a glorious battle scene and YouTuber Valentin Bruhière decided that scene was familiar – it reminded him of Leeroy Jenkins.

The tribute, as seen above, is absolutely hilarious.

In May of this year we celebrated the 11th anniversary of World of Warcraft's famous Leeroy Jenkins wipe. If you're unfamiliar with the the event, it's when one presumably AFK raider decided that running into a room filled with dragon eggs and whelps was a great idea. He caused his entire raid group to die thanks to his decision.

You can watch the birth of Leeroy Jenkins below.