The Elder Scrolls Online wants to show you their diverse character creation system

Can’t get enough of The Elder Scrolls Online news? Want to get your hands on it? Not in the beta and dying to know what the character creation process looks like? Well, it appears that Bethesda wants to show you exactly this. For an MMORPG, you’ll be delightfully rewarded for your curiosity, there is some diverse s@#$ going on here.

Sure sure, creating your character is very first thing you’ll ever do in the game, but this is the person you’ll be staring out for hours upon hours of gameplay, IT’S IMPORTAINT! Due to this, you’re going to be given diverse tools to make sure your man, lady, cat, lizard, whatever – looks exactly how you want it to. Sure your actions will make your stand out in ESO, but you got to have your own style in the process.

Check out the video below and all the diversity that it brings.