The Elder Scrolls: Arena rated in Australian Database, suggesting possible re-release

A new rating for The Elder Scrolls: Arena in Australia's Classification Database seems to suggest that a re-release of the 1994 DOS title could be in the works. On April 9th, the board gave the title an M rating, citing "moderate violence."

The most interesting detail, however, is that it lists the game as being "multi platform." While we can only speculate, it's believed that this could be an HD remake, possibly for mobile devices. The Elder Scrolls: Arena is already available for download on PC, officially for free. For you youngins', Arena is the "first chapter of an epic fantasy adventure," which, of course, is The Elder Scrolls RPG series.

Again, Bethesda hasn't revealed any official details so anything related to The Elder Scrolls: Arena is merely speculation. With that, let us know what you think the rating may refer to.