The Division sees significant 30-day player review turnaround on Steam

Players now giving “very positive” reviews of the game

Tom Clancy’s The Division has made quite the turnaround as far as recent reviews on Steam are concerned.

Since the release of the 1.4 patch and the Survival DLC expansion earlier this month, the game has garnered an overwhelming 82% of positive reviews on Steam over the last 30 days. Compare that to The Division’s overall reviews, which only contain 56% positive reviews.

In that same time frame, there have been close to 4,000 reviews highlighting the game’s improvements since launch, which is a stark contrast to the hate it was previously getting on Steam.

Ubisoft has been listening to its fans as of late. The Division is currently releasing its new 1.5 patch for PS4 users tomorrow, which makes many requested changes in gameplay and loot drops.

The Division sees significant 30-day player review turnaround on Steam

Gamezone reviewed The Division when it launched in March of 2016 and gave it a generally positive review. We said the game had “strong gunplay” and customization was “downright insane.” However, ongoing problems with bugs, voice acting, and a severe lack of high-end loot drops really made us question the game’s longevity.

If you’re someone who stopped playing The Division because of some of these issues, it may not be a bad idea to hop back in and check things out. If you’ve been hesitant about playing The Division in the first place, now may be the best time to jump in, especially since Steam has a killer 50% sale going on right now where you can grab the core game for $24.99 or the Gold edition for $44.99.