The Division’s Survival DLC has launched on PlayStation 4

Just like Oliver Queen in Arrow you only got one goal: survive

PlayStation 4 owners had to wait a bit longer for the latest The Division DLC than those playing on PC or Xbox One, but now the wait is finally over.

The latest piece of DLC for Ubisoft's The Division called Survival has already been available on the Microsoft-owned platforms due to an agreement between Microsoft and Ubisoft, so PlayStation 4 players got to wait a whole month for Survival to release on their platform.

The appropriately named Survival DLC's main selling point is the new survival mode wich morphs the already hostile city of New York into a frozen wasteland where new supplies and gear are hard to find. In Survival players have to, well, survive both the elements and their fellow survivors. Survival is included in the $40 Season Pass but it can also be bought separately for $15.

The Survival DLC was met with high praise by The Division community and since the release The Division has seen a positive turnaround when it comes to user reviews on Steam and as of now, 73 percent of user reviews are positive. Seems like Survival was just the thing The Division and its players needed.