The Division’s ‘Competent Glitch’ has players dealing tons of damage

Exploits everywhere!

At this point, everyone knows how incredibly broken Tom Clancy's The Division's first content update is. The update introduced a the Falcon Lost Incursion mission, but sadly the mission is really easy to exploit. Since the mission is incredibly hard, almosst unnecessarily hard, players have had the temptation to use these exploits to beat the mission.

Of course, Ubisoft isn't fond of players exploiting the mission to get rewards the player hasn't earned fairly – which has lead Ubisoft to look into punishment for exploiters.

A new exploit has been found that players are calling "The Competent Glitch". Players must load the mission with marksman rifles with the Competent talent and then rapidly switch to their secondary weapon. The glitch will then allow for their other weapon to have the Competent talent and will deal out loads of damage. Players then use this exploit to destroy the heavily armored APC in just a few measly shots.

Of course, Ubisoft is punishing players for exploiting so beware and do the glitch at your own risk.

You can view the full tutorial down below.