The Division is planning to ‘reinvigorate’ its PVE

What exactly that is...they aren't saying.

The Division is a solid game, but it seems to be known more for what's wrong with it versus what it does well. One thing that I'm sure everyone can agree on is that there needs to be more to do after Level 30. While many are expecting something big from the upcoming batch of DLC in June, we don't know what that will be exactly. Ubisoft Community Developer, Hamish Bode may have given us a hint as to what that could be.

During a Twitch stream today, a viewer inquired as to whether or not there were any plans to “to reinvigorate the PvE area” of the game. Bode admitted that this was indeed the case, though what exactly that entails, he wouldn't say (of course).

Between all of the glitches and issues that appear to be plaguing the PVP portion of the game, it wouldn't surprise me to see Ubisoft try to steer attention away from that part of The Division in an effort to get players to focus on something that the game does well while trying to work out the kinks with fewer fans breathing down their necks. Exploits have become so bad (especially on PC) that one networking developer believes the game needs a "complete rewrite" to fix its problems. 

We will see where Ubisoft takes The Division from here.

Source: [Twitch]