The diabolic Aatrox’s abilities are revealed for League of Legends

YOU SHALL NOT PASS! No, Aatrox isn’t a Balrog or even a Balor – but he is still a giant, creepy, fiery, ancient beast, from a different time. So it has that going for it. As if your nights are filled with terrors, this friendly looking fellow likes to do one thing: fight. When he’s not fighting he’s appearing all across history to reshape in in very dark ways; Aatrox fills those he helps with dark-murderous intentions. Yea… this isn’t the guy you bring to your mother.

Anywho! So Aatrox is a top lane bruiser in League of Legends. He doesn’t use energy, mana, or nothing – he uses health like Vlad or Morde. His skill set allows him to stay in melee to farm yet keep his hit points topped out. He has great sustain, damage, mobility, and poke. So yea, he’s an ideal top champion. It sounds like he’s going to be difficult to push out of lane and to gank.

Let’s take a gander at his skills:

Blood Well (Passive)

  • Aatrox stores a portion of his abilities’ health cost in the Blood Well, which slowly drains to a base amount while he is out of combat. When Aatrox loses all of his health, he draws on the Blood Well and recovers the amount of health stored.

Dark Flight

  • Aatrox rises into the air and slams into a target location. Enemies within the impact zone are knocked up and take damage, while nearby enemies take damage.

Blood Thirst

  • Aatrox heals himself on every third attack. Activating Blood Thirst toggles Blood Price.
  • Blood Price: Every third attack now deals bonus damage instead of healing Aatrox. Aatrox loses health based on the bonus damage dealt.

Blades of Torment

  • Aatrox fires a line attack that damages and slows enemies caught in its path. Aatrox is refunded a part of the health cost if Blades of Torment strikes an enemy champion.


  • Upon activation, Aatrox instantly damages enemies in an area around him. For the duration of Massacre, Aatrox gains bonus attack speed and range. Massacre has no health cost.

League of Legends - Aatrox Comic

The post Riot wrote about this guy says he will excel at both dueling in team fights. As a melee AD bruiser, what else could you ask for? I look forward to hearing more about this Aatrox and when he this the public test server. I checked, he’s not there yet.