‘The Dark Knight Rises’ does its best Bruce Wayne impression; passes the $1 billion mark

Last Monday, The Dark Knight Rises opened in China and has earned $31 million over there thus far. It also opened in Italay, where it earned $9.1 million. Those two totals add to the film's foreign box office total, which sits at $577.7 million. Added to the domestic gross, The Dark Knight Rises has risen to over $1.01 billion worldwide, making it the highest-grossing Batman movie ever, and the 13th movie ever to pass the $1 billion mark.

With The Dark Knight Rises earning $1.01 billion and The Dark Knight earning $1.003 billion, the Batman series joins Pirates of the Caribbean as the only franchises with two movies that have earned $1 billion. So how does The Dark Knight Rises total stack up on the all-time list? It is estimated that The Dark Knight Rises will close with just below $1.1 billion in worldwide grosses. With that number, The Dark Knight Rises will be in seventh place on the all-time worldwide chart, but in third place all-time for a 2D-only movie.

One has to wonder how much more The Dark Knight Rises would have made if the China Film Group didn't have the film open on the same weekend as The Amazing Spider-Man, which has made $32.5 million since it debuted on Monday.

Just for comparison purposes (and sh*ts and giggles) according to Forbes, Bruce Wayne is worth $11.6 billion. There's a lot of math and stuff I don't understand that went into calculating that number, as well as the net worth of Wayne Enterprises.

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