The current status of Homeworld Remastered, including 4K resolution

Almost one year ago, Gearbox Software acquired  the Homeworld franchise from a bankrupt THQ. Aside from plans of bringing Homeworld and Homeworld 2to "today's leading digital platforms," not much has been said of Gearbox's work — other then the studio has "overspent" on remastering the two games.

Providing a brief update on the game's remastering, Gearbox's Steve Gibson said "We've started to work on a remastering of it. This is as true as you can possibly be to the gameplay while reworking all the visuals. We're replacing the renderer, all of the assets. We're reworking it all over."

"We're also doing 4K support," Randy Pitchford chimed in. "If you have a crazy NVIDIA video card and a crazy hi-fidelity monitor that can do 4K, you can run Homeworld Remastered in glorious 4K resolution."

In addition to a game update, Gearbox also revealed the Homeworld Remastered Collector’s Edition, which includes a 12-inch model of the ship from the original game.