The Culling is transitioning from Alpha into Beta with ‘The Big House’ update in Steam Early Access

Take the fight out in the yard

The Culling has been arguably the closest thing to a digital Hunger Games simulation there is in gaming over the last year. It is currently an Early Access game on Steam with an Xbox One Game Preview version set to release sometime in the first half of 2017. With the amount of time it has been played and replayed by fans on PC, the developers are officially transitioning the game from its Alpha phase into Beta beginning tomorrow, January 18th. The developers posted a new announcement in their Steam forum detailing the additions coming to the game.

Arguably the biggest addition to the game is the brand new map that you can see in the trailer above called, Cul County Correctional. There is also an assortment of new weapons including the Pike, Yari, Pitchfork, Camp Hatchet, Survival Axe, Steel Caltrops, and Steel Punji Sticks.

The update also brings new match events including Shake & Bake, which requires players to hide from an increasingly hot sun or take damage, Gold Rush, a mode where players race to acquire a deadly Chainsaw to unleash upon their rivals, and Drop Your Bridges, which lets a single player call in an airdrop for free, but doing so renders the bridges unpassable for everyone else.

Also added to the game are player XP and leveling for new ways to show off your prowess in the game.

The Culling is available now on Steam Early Access and will come to Xbox One Preview Program at some point in the future.