The Culling is heading to Xbox Game Preview

It's The Hunger Games in everything but title

The Culling is a 16 player, blood-soaked battle royale set in a tropical paradise where players craft, trap and hunt their way to victory. The game offers a unique spin on the traditional Early Access survival action games, by giving players only 20 minutes to scavenge and craft whatever they can to create weapons and lay down traps for unsuspecting enemies to fall into. Developer Xaviant has announced that the game will be heading to the Xbox One's Game Preview program.

“Working with Microsoft and releasing The Culling on Xbox Game Preview is a dream come true,” said the studio's Director of Operations, Josh Van Veld. “We’re thrilled to bring our flavor of adrenaline-filled, competitive battle royale to Xbox fans worldwide.”

Creativity matters more than brute force in The Culling and given the limited time of each match, the thrill provided from such a focused and centered experience can be unmatched.