The Crew console beta ‘still under discussion,’ says Ubisoft

It's been a little over the week since Ubisoft wrapped up the PC closed beta for upcoming open world racer The Crew, but there's still one question dominating the talk: if, or when, we can expect a beta to be offered on consoles. According to creative director Julian Gerighty, a closed beta for Xbox One or PS4 is possible, but "still under discussion."

"Maybe," Gerighty said when asked if there's any chance console players might see a chance to hop in. "[It's] still under discussion," he added, "but I'd love to see another beta at least on PC. Maybe on some of the consoles."

The Crew is due out on November 11, 2014 for PS4, Xbox One and PC. We had the chance to cruise around the U.S. in the recent PC closed beta, so be sure to check out our impressions.