The Brothers Rapture is a creative short film prequel to BioShock

The fierce nature of Splicers is parallel to that of a junky going through withdrawal. Plasmids are the drug of Rapture and the allure of super human type powers is too much even for the strongest of will to ignore. But what happens to a society of junkies once the supply runs out? Well, chaos for certain. With this form of madness comes the worst sort of behavior and even murderous tendencies.   

Allow that to be the transition in a short film titled The Brothers Rapture. In this fictional BioShock prequel, two brothers who excel in the art of sculpture move to Rapture to make new lives for themselves. Everything is going well until the introduction of plasmids which supposedly allow for an ‘easier life.’ According to Newton, every action has an equal and opposite reaction. There is always a toll to pay when something is too easy for what seems like no cost.

Check out the video below and give the creators some love on their YouTube page, they certainly have earned it. Oh, and check out this print screen of the top comments. It looks like some Rapture celebrities have a thing or two to say about this video and to each other. “A man chooses, a slave obeys.”

BioShock Short Guests