The Bluetooth iShower gets wet so your electronics don’t have to

It’s true!  I know that I’ve turned my phone volume on max before and put it on the sink to ‘listen’ to music while I shower before.  It doesn’t work to well.  iDevices has created the iShower to be a solution to all your shower listening woes.  This contraption is completely water proof and can either hang from your shower head or stick to your shower wall.  The wall mount is simple and easily is removed or put elsewhere.  The device works off Bluetooth technology so your device stays safe while the iShower takes the brunt of the water.

Now, I find the the iShower’s name to be deceptive.  For one thing, despite its name, it doesn’t only work for iOS devices and will work for Android phones – basically anything with Bluetooth capabilities.  Secondly despite the name, the iShower can really be used anywhere.  The pool and beach come to mind first.  It’s mobile, protected, averages 15 hours of listening time, and runs off AA batteries. 

This bad boy sells for $100, I actually expected more.  Also, there is a clock on the front – so there is that.  Check out the video below from iDevices’ CEO.       

[Engadget via iDevices]

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