The Binding of Isaac hits two million sales

Famed indie developer Edmunc McMillen recently addressed sales figures for The Binding of Isaac. According to one-half of the team that created Super Meat Boy, the roguelike/shooter/dungeon crawler has managed to reach two million sales.

McMillen also discussed plans for The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth, which is planned for console download platforms, PC, and handhelds. According to the dev, the game won't run on Flash like the original PC version. This will help to add more gameplay elements and crazier situations where more things can happen onscreen at once.

Rebirth is being handled by Nicalis and will feature revamped visuals, two-player co-op, challenge runs, new characters, and an added expansion. In addition to this ambitious project, McMillen is also currently hard at work on Mew-Genics alongside his Team Meat partner Tommy Referenes.

[Northernlion via Destructoid]

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