The Binding of Isaac Gets a Save Update

If you're enjoying The Binding of Isaac as much as I am, then it's likely that you return to it periodically. Though the game is incredibly challenging, it's also very inviting and accessible. It's a great game to return to at any given time, and it's fun seeing if you can get through the punishing dungeons with each subsequent play-through.

Edmund McMillen has decided to keep those of us who really enjoy the game satisfied by adding a few fixes. Speaking to Destructoid, the indie dev stated that he made some fixes to improve the game's save system. Apprently, everything you collect and do will now be saved straight to the game instead of being placed in a temp save.

A few other tweaks have been made. Sound effects and music have been tinkered with to play appropriately (though I don't recall an issue with this, which means it could be a case-by-case thing). Additionally, a flaw that "breaks the game" has also been patched up.

Stay tuned for more Isaac goodness throughout October. McMillen still has a big Halloween update in store that will add bosses, items, and levels to the game. Oh, and it's free. The Binding of Isaac truly is the game that keeps on giving!