The best part of Resident Evil 6 is this Leon and Helena fan made remix


Leave it to YouTube user SIKSHADOW to drop another sweet Resident Evil mix. No seriously, if you haven’t checked out his work – do yourself a favor and do it right now. The recipe is simple, take the horribly dramatic lines from various Resident Evil games, add an enchanting beat, and you get a phat beat yo. Jokes aside, these songs one part hilarious and a lot of parts catchy. If that’s not enough for you, he lets you download them for freee.

Case and point, take yesterday’s video featuring Leon Kennedy and Helena Harper of Resident Evil 6 in SIKSHADOW’s track DYNAMITE! Why is it called DYNAMITE, well, give it a listen and all will be clear. “What the hell!?”

Sure, sure… not everyone particular liked RE6 but doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate a sick jam from it. I personally always thought Lean and Helena were always fighting over who has better hair… Anyways, did I mention the editing on the actually video is pretty suburb too? It is. This song may or not be playing throughout the office today.

Enjoy! Dat Laura Bailey.