‘The Art of BioShock Infinite’ announced, coming in 2013

Perhaps one of the year’s biggest disappointments was the delay of Irrational’s upcoming blockbuster, BioShock Infinite. Not only had the game impressed every outlet to the moon and back, it was seemingly cruising through development; but since its delay, we’ve heard little to nothing. So yeah, 2013 cannot come soon enough. Today, though, Irrational Games and Dark Horse Comics have announced a BioShock Infinite hardcover art book, set to release next February.

According to the publisher, the book will feature production designs and concept art focused on Booker, Elizabeth, Songbird and the Heavy Hitters, which are all new concepts for the BioShock franchise. “The Art of BioShock Infinite,” set to release February 27, 2013, will also feature gorgeous art from Columbia, including the famous sky rails we’ve heard so much about.

BioShock Infinite concept artBioShock Infinite concept art 2

Though Ken Levine has been persistent in his response a possible demo, it’s thrilling to hear that we’ll get to indulge in even more Columbia and BioShock Infinite. Our only question: will we need to clear out space to fit this thing? Only time will tell.

BioShock Inifinte is set to release February 26th, 2013 on Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. 

Source: [IGN]