That Pixar lamp is now very real and very awesome

Robots with any sort of artificial intelligence scare me; I just don’t like them.  I feel they will be the end of humans’ glorious footprint in history.  With that all said, this desk lamp inspired by that lovable Pixar lamp is adorable and awesome.  The animatronics and AI makes it so ‘puppy’ like and nearly identical to the Luxo – Pixar lamp at the start of every Pixar movie.

Adam Ben-Dror, Shanshan Zhou, and Joss Doggett created the Pinokio lamp.  This, robot, appears to have emotions, a sense of wonderment, and does NOT like to be ignored.  With a webcam it can recognize faces and follow you ever vigilant and always watching.  It understands peek-a-boo, movements, sounds, and even responds to being petted. 

The ONE part that scares me is how it refuses to let you shut it off.  Don’t let this lovable lamp confuse it people, THIS is how it starts.  “Look how cute it is! Why won’t it shut down?  Why does it have a knife?”  I won’t be fooled.  Watch this video, you won’t be disappointed. 


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