That leaked Call of Duty: People’s Army video is probably a fake, but it’s cool anyway

Heh. They did a good job though.

A video claiming to be a leaked Call of Duty game titled 'People's Army' made its way to YouTube recently and while the jury is still out on whether or not it's real or fake, there are some pretty convincing reasons for it to be fake. 

According to some eagle-eyed netizens, one of the calling cards in the 'leaked' video is a famous piece of art on World War 2 from Thomas Lea called '2,000 Yard Stare.' In addition to that, the picture in the lower left of the menu is from Bad Company 2.   

Even though it's probably a fake, it's an interesting concept none the less. It would be cool to see Call of Duty head back to the past, but it'd probably come with the claims that the developers are only copying Battlefield 1 instead of listening to fans.

You can check the trailer out below.

If the trailer gets removed from Activision, then it might be close to the real thing (or real).