TGS’ ‘FISTFUL OF RUPEES’ is the Zelda / Western mash-up you weren’t aware you needed

The Gaming Station (TGS) is at it again with another video game / movie mash-up.  This time they take us to the era of the wild wild west.  This isn’t manifest destiny or even American expansionism though, this is Hyrule.

The moment I realized FISTFUL OF RUPEES was a Zelda based Western, I literally said “why has no one thought of this before” due to how perfect it works.  Link is your silent hero type on a revenge mission seeking out Colonel Gannon.  From the trailer, it appears that the triforce represents a treasure map.  You got gun play, sword play, treasure, moblins, Navi, Zelda / Sheik, and a bunch of nostalgic one-liners from the Zelda franchise.             

As part of a three part web series, this Zelda Western will debut on August 7th, 2012.  That’s soon.  Like, not even a week away sort of soon.  After watching TGS’ Dr. Mario web series, I have infinite respect for them and just know they will nail this as well.  Is it Tuesday yet?     

Zelda Gun


Gannan Gun


Watch the trailer below:


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