TGAs 2019: Microsoft debuts next-gen Xbox, Xbox Series X

Phil Spencer: The Absolute Mad Man.

In a shocking turn of events, Microsoft has unexpectedly pulled the veil off of their next-gen console: the Xbox Series X. The console manufacturer announced the console at E3 as Project Scarlett but this is the first official look at the machine itself with its real name.

After a recent leak running down the specs of the Xbox Series X, the machine seems to look just as beefy on the outside as it does on the inside. The next-gen console isn’t a far cry from the design of the Xbox One itself but it does resemble a PC tower more than a console itself in terms of size and scale.

Phil Spencer came out on stage after a reveal trailer and revealed that 15 Xbox Game Studios are developing titles for the Xbox Series X already. One of those games is a sequel to the acclaimed Ninja Theory title, Hellblade. Spencer turned to the screen to debut the first in-engine trailer for the sequel titled Senua’s Saga: Hellblade II.

GameSpot also has an extensive feature piece on the Xbox Series X breaking down the console, games, and of course, that name. Series X seems to imply that it’s a line of consoles and as we already know, there will be two skews for the next-gen machine. One will be a more premium and powerful console, the other will be more affordable but still get people in on the next-generation of Xbox.

“Obviously,” Spencer said, “in the name ‘Series X’, it gives us freedom to do other things with that name so that we can create descriptors when we need to.”

Eagle-eyed folks will also notice that the controller for the console has some small changes to the D-pad and an additional button: a share button.

“There were certain things that we’ve learned through doing the Elite controller and just listening to fans. One of them is on the D-pad we have a new hybrid d-pad that we’ve been working on that we think is important, so you’ll get a sense of that in the new Xbox wireless controller,” said Spencer. “We do have a share button. We’ve heard the feedback. We’re not the first ones to do a share button, so we’re not going to say that we invented that, but we’ve heard feedback that sharing is such a part of a gaming experience now for many of our players that I wanted a dedicated hardware button to share, so you’ll see that. We’ll still have all the rumble triggers and haptic feedback that you’ve had in the console before.”

The new controller will also work on Xbox One and PC, not just Series X.

Spencer also talked about the design of the Xbox Series X, noting they designed it for functionality rather than gunning for something that’s just appealing to the eye.

“There’s always this tension between design and the kind of acoustics and cooling and function of the console,” Spencer explained, “and we were not going to compromise on function. I’m just incredibly impressed with the design that they came back with.”

Phil Spencer went on to say that E3 2020 will be a huge milestone for them. You can click here to read the full interview at Gamespot.

The Xbox Series X will launch during the 2020 holiday season.