Tetris Released on Android for FREE

So…Tetris is here–again. EA released Tetris to the Android marketplace for free. Yes, the entire game is free. In case you couldn’t find one of the five million copycats in the marketplace, you can now play the original. Here’s the thing–it’s Tetris. What really needs to be said about it? This would be big news in the 1980’s. I’m drowning in a world of falling blocks.

So the game is the same game you’ve played a million times. Now, you can hold a piece for later and swap it out when you want. The game looks fine–I mean, there’s not much that you’re going to change about how Tetris looks, other than maybe making the blocks look different. The problem is the controls. You can’t play Tetris with a touchscreen. I mean, you can, but you always get to the point where the touchscreen doesn’t allow the player the control and speed to be able to move and rotate pieces quick enough. This is the case with Tetris on the Android.

That’s pretty much all. It’s Tetris. It’s free. Get rid of lines–or not–I don’t care.