Test Drive Unlimited Launch Event Visiting the Henry Ford Estate

Test Drive Unlimited
Launch Event – Visiting the Henry Ford Estate


Louis Bedigian




Celebrating the release of
Test Drive Unlimited, Atari is throwing a two-day event that
focuses on the game, its multiplayer competitions, and the real-world racing
that inspired its creation.


The event kicked off with game time at the
Hyatt Regency in Dearborn, Michigan. My first run left me speechless – the
world is beyond the size of every other driving game. It’s like Grand Theft
Auto in that you can go anywhere you want at any time. The difference is that
the focus of this game is high-speed racing. No matter how fast or far you
drive it never seems to end.


Impressions (9-7-06) – Racing, Buying, and Cruising the Game’s Massive World


Next we went to the Henry
Ford Estate for dinner, dessert, and a tour of one of the world’s most
creative mansions.


Case in point: before Hideo
Kojima developed the first Metal Gear, Henry Ford designed an innovative and
innovation-seeking estate with more than a few places to sneak around. 


Solid Snake catches a guard
while TDU event attendees explore the depths of Henry Ford’s underground




The rustic,
beautifully-designed architecture reminded me of the locales featured in games
like Final Fantasy and Legacy of Kain.




I’m sure Toad would have a
few words to say about the mansion’s exterior.



"I’m sorry, but your
princess is in another castle."




The courtyard was beautiful
yet somewhat eerie on this semi-gloomy day.



I’m thinkin’ Resident Evil
just before Umbrella took over. You?



There’s a little CODE
Veronica in this one.


Look closely at this next
shot. It’s a picture of one of Henry Ford’s tables that were cut specifically
to fit into the shape of the wall.




The Henry Ford Estate is a gorgeous place
to explore, no question. I highly encourage anyone who loves adventure games
to take the time to visit and discover the many wonders it holds inside and













Test Drive Unlimited is in
stores now. Stay tuned to GameZone as we bring you more on the game and this
exciting event. We’ll be hitting the track for some real-world racing,
followed by an online competition between the launch events in New York and
San Francisco.


And don’t miss our initial impressions of
the finished game:
Buying, and Cruising the Test Drive Unlimited’s Massive World


Official Site:

Henry Ford Estate


All Photos and Story by

Louis Bedigian