Test Drive Unlimited Launch Event Finale (Part 1)

Test Drive Unlimited Launch Event Finale (Part 1) – Test
Driving the Shelby GT500; Hot Laps in the Ford GT


Louis Bedigian


At the end of Atari and
Ford’s Test Drive Unlimited launch event, Ford gave us the
biggest thrill of our lives: the chance to test drive the new Shelby GT500 and
take hot laps in the Ford GT. As exciting as that was, Ford took it one step
further by allowing us to ride along in the Shelby Cobra concept. 


GZ’s own Dakota Grabowski,
ready for the ride of his life. 


Ford Shelby GT500


This incredible
500-horsepower beauty was first introduced to us by professional drivers. We
donned helmets, strapped on our safety belts, and sat back and enjoyed as the
driver whipped us around the course. 




Next we were allowed to get
behind the wheel and drive the vehicle ourselves. In addition to being one of
the coolest-looking sports cars, the Ford Shelby GT500 handles wonderfully.
You don’t have to drive full-blast to feel the full power it contains – an
energy that, when released, will make you thankful they required all drivers
to wear helmets. 



Though we knew more
excitement was just around the corner, it was sad to see this one go. 




Ford GT


For our second thrill-ride,
professional drivers took us for a spin in the Ford GT. This amazing,
classically designed vehicle has the power and precision to get you through
the toughest situations. 



To demonstrate, the drivers
cruised Ford’s new Steering and Handling course. It included many sharp turns,
curved roads, and a series of hills that, after ascending, made me swear we
had just gained air. 






The interior is gorgeous,
featuring racecar-style gauges and angled, low-to-the-ground seats. 






It would be a gross
understatement for me to say the ride was exciting. Like a roller coaster at
an amusement park, I couldn’t wait to back in line – and did so two times
after my first lap.




Part 2: Shelby Cobra concept
– Bonus ride on the Engineering Straightaway


Part 3: A look at the
Mustang GT-R and Shelby GR-1 concepts




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All Photos and Story by

Louis Bedigian