Terrifying new Gundam figure from Metal Gear Solid artist

Ashley Wood's distinctive style has helped to shape the face of the modern Metal Gear Solid games, the Australian artist's frantic sketches featured in the game's official comic books, instruction booklets and even cutscenes. Now, Wood has teamed up with Namco Bandai, owners of the beloved Mobile Suit Gundam franchise, to design a terrifying reimagination of the famous Zaku giant robot.

Anime fans will know the Zaku as the stock mobile suit used by the evil Principality of Zeon, disgruntled space colonists who wage war against the Earth Federation. However I've got to say, regardless of how powerful the Gundam is, I'd pee in my pants if one of these things was flying towards me with Battle-Axe at the ready. 

The limited-edition figure is 16 inches tall, and can now be pre-ordered for about $330US. At that price point it's definitely an item for dedicated collectors, though it's a heck of a cool figure to admire, even from afar.