Terraria Discounted at 25 Percent Off on Steam

Have you played Terraria yet? Perhaps you were waiting for the already low price of just $10 to go down even lower so you could download this delicious indie title? Well, now you have no excuses because the game is currently listed at a discounted price tag.

You can pick up Terraria for the low price of $7.49 on Steam right now. That’s 25 percent off the original price. And while one may argue that $2.50 isn’t a big price slash, it’s still a notable offer for a game as rich as Terraria. Besides, if you take that $2.50 you’re saving and pick something up from GOG’s Staycation sale, you’ll only have to pay a difference of 50 cents.

The idea that some of you have yet to download and play Terraria is very depressing to me. I mean, the game offers so much stellar gameplay and allows you to choose the way you want to play. Want to explore and build at your leisure? Go for it. Want to hunt monsters and explore the very depths of hell? Have at it. Perhaps you want to team up with some friends. You can do just that, and you can even snag the Terraria four-pack for just $22.49.

After a long week at work or school, it’s always cool to just get home and let loose with an enthralling game that will keep you glued to the TV or computer. Terraria is the perfect prescription for a Friday evening. If you’re still on the fence about the game, check out GameZone’s review written by yours truly and then head on over to Steam and download Terraria.