Terraria digital sales poor outside the U.S.

Poor sales of the digital versions of Terraria have caused publisher 505 Games to look into boxed options.

505 Games says the world-sculpting game "has done incredibly" digitally, but most of that success comes from the U.S.

"Different territories have different digital acceptance,” said Tim Woodley, the head of global brand at 505. “We’re releasing Terraria in a box in September as we think the lack of digital uptake in France, Germany, Italy, etc. is prohibiting sales."

Terraria has been available on PC since 2011 and came to additional platforms this year. It's sold over 2 million copies, but that number isn't as high as it could be.

“The game has done 110,000 in Japan," said Woodley. "But in Japan, we put it in a box, and most of those units were retail sales. We think the same thing is happening in mainland Europe.”

505 Games introduced boxed collector's editions in July. Those are now available in the U.K. and Germany.

Source: MCV