TERA’s Halloween-themed Masquerade Mayhem begins today

It's nearly Halloween which for MMORPG TERA means spooky in-game events and exclusive Halloween-themed content. En Masse Entertainment unveiled the Masquerade Mayhem update, a two week long celebration of tricks and treats.

From now until November 5, players can throw pies at Gourdo, a pumpkin NPC floating from town to town. Pies are collected by slaying monsters in game, with TERA's iconic Big-Ass Monsters dropping the most pies. Each pie also gives a chance to win a collection of random in-game items, including one of three ghoulish Halloween-themed in-game masks.

The Masquerade Mayhem also brings a new dungeon which tasks you with protecting the candy from waves of enemy monsters. Successfully protecting the candy from these ghouls will reward you with Halloween cake, which gives the chance to unlock rare in-game items.