Tera: Rising’s political system is looking for PvP alliances

With the rise and demand of the mysterious mineral Noctenium, all of Arborea is in an uproar. The previously made fickle alliances are beginning to fade in the MMORPG Tera: Rising. As the allure of Noctenium becomes violent, which faction will you side with? Will you join banners with the Velika, Allemantheia or Kaiator?

Once involved with an alliance, you will start this whole sale PvP event for dominance. In war, you’ll battle for resource control and fight the other two factions. What I find most interesting about this war is if one of the three faction become extremely powerful, the other two can team up to take them down. After all, no one wants one faction taking over all of Arborea – unless it’s your faction.

Check out the video above and get in bed with one of the alliances. The TERA: Rising’s Alliance Update will be available on August 13th.