TERA launches in North America today

Groundbreaking action MMO, TERA, is now available in North America, setting a new standard for MMOs by "delivering true action combat".

Using a skill-based, action combat system, TERA offers an alternative style gameplay than most conventional online RPGs.  While there is a focus on contextual combat with an emphasis on position and timing, TERA also offers all of the depth of a traditional MMO.  In TERA, you will actively aim, dodge and block, as the game's real-time combat system will take into account player skill and position as well as stats.

TERA ushers in a new era of true action MMO gameplay that advances the online roleplaying genre,” said Chris Lee, vice president of publishing at En Masse Entertainment. “It’s time to move past yesterday’s repetitive combat mechanics and embrace a more intense and deeply immersive approach to MMO gaming, where every player is actively engaged in skill-based combat and the most savvy players rise to the top through an innovative political system.”

TERA can be purchased in standard and collector's editions at retailers and online stores.  Two collector’s editions of TERA are available—a traditional boxed edition and a digital download. The digital edition will grant players unique in-game items, including the Regal Frostlion mount for in-game travel, along with two valuable necklaces: the level 15 Velik’s Bloodstone necklace and the level 40 Shakan’s Bloodstone necklace. The Digital Collector’s Edition is available for $59.99.

The physical Limited Collector’s Edition, available in limited quantities, includes all of the in-game items from the digital edition and also includes collectable items such as a Letter of Marque, a canvas world map, a field guide, a Valkyon Federation-issued compass and a game soundtrack, all for $79.99. All versions, including the standard edition, include 30 days of game time. Additional game time is available for $14.99 per month.