Telltale Releasing Jurassic Park for 360, PS3

PC gamers may be disappointed to learn that Telltale Games’ take on the classic Jurassic Park has been pushed back until fall of this year. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 gamers, on the other hand, will have the episodic series from the master adventure game developer ported to their consoles. News of the multi-platform launch came shortly after Telltale announced the delay for Jurassic Park: The Game on PC.

The Xbox 360 version of the game has been confirmed as a full retail release. That means my fellow collectors can look forward to getting their hands on a shiny case and game disc when Jurassic Park releases this fall. According to Telltale, the entire episodic series will be included on the Xbox 360 disc.

Currently, it’s unclear what format the PlayStation version of the game will receive. It could release as a digital title on the PlayStation Store alongside Telltale’s Sam & Max games, which have found a comfy little home there. Or it could launch on disc like the Xbox 360 version. There’s no telling when the PSN will recover from the recent security disaster.

Console gamers are sure to look forward to this multi-platform release. I enjoy a good adventure game, but because the tech on my computer for processing video game graphics is about as primitive as as the dinosaurs in Jurassic Park, I’m not sure whether it will be able to handle the game. Thankfully, Telltale is giving gamers like me a chance to play the game on a console. Thanks, Telltale!

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