Telltale wants The Wolf Among Us to be ‘very different’ from The Walking Dead

Telltale Games is "definitely" feeling the pressure from the success of The Walking Dead game series, especially when it comes to their new title The Wolf Among Us. But despite the apparent similarities — both games featuring that signature Telltale cel-shaded art style and point-and-click gameplay — the games are actually quite different. And Telltale is hoping gamers refrain from comparing the two games too closely.

"I think a lot of the team was involved in the Walking Dead and we were all very proud of what we did there," Nick Herman, director of The Wolf Among Us, told me. It's worth noting that Nick also served as director for Episode 4 of The Walking Dead.

"I think the way we approached it is that we just wanted to make it very different," he said. "We didn’t want people to be able to compare outside of the fact that they are both Telltale games, both have choices and dialogue.

"The art, the music, the tone, the story, we try to push it in opposite directions because we just want to be different," he continued. "We want to be our own thing, have our own identity. I think the main thing, I just want players to feel and know coming in is that this is a different experience. We have a bunch of awesome things lined up for the series.”

I had a taste of some of that awesomeness at PAX Prime and Nick is right, it's definitely a much different experience than The Walking Dead.