Telltale tabs Zynga’s VP of Games, Pete Hawley as its next CEO

Hawley replaces Dan Connors.

Just six months after re-taking the role of CEO at Telltale, co-Founder Dan Connors is stepping down. Today, the company announced Zynga's VP of Games, Pete Hawley Telltale's new CEO. Connors was the original chief executive officer of the company, beginning all the way back in 2004 before stepping down (the first time) in 2015. Co-founder, Kevin Bruner took over the position from Connors until resigning back in March. 

Connors appears to have been a temporary placeholder for the post, but now all eyes will be on Pete Hawley to push Telltale forward. Hawley has been serving as senior vice president and general manager of games at Zynga for the last three years. Hawley is also the co-founder of Red Robot Games, an augmented reality studio and has also held positions at Electronic Arts, Criterion Games, Sony Computer Entertainment, and GT Interactive spread over the past 20 years. 

Hawley told GamesBeat:

"I’ve been a huge fan since Telltale reinvented the old LucasArts games. Now it is working with some of the biggest intellectual properties in the world. It was too good an opportunity to pass up."

Telltale tabs Zynga's VP of Games, Pete Hawley as its next CEO

Dan Connors will remain with Telltale in an advisory role. 

The future for Telltale appears as healthy as it's ever been with such IPs as Batman, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Minecraft in 2017 and the final season of The Walking Dead and The Wolf Among Us Season 2 coming next year. 

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