Telltale’s The Walking Dead season will be available on disc December 4th

Telltale Games has plans to release the entire season of The Walking Dead on disc, the studio confirmed over the weekend.

Having released Episode 3: Long Road Ahead in late August, the entire season should be available on disc by December 4 in North America. That means the two outstanding episodes — Around Every Corner and No Time Left — should launch individually sometime before then. EU release dates for The Walking Dead on disc are still TBA.

Now, with the five-episode adventure set to conclude by December, our attention turns to whether or not Telltale will continue with a second season of The Walking Dead game. Back in July, amidst Activision's announcement of a new first-person shooter The Walking Dead game, Telltale expressed interest in continuing to make games based after The Walking Dead. With two episodes to go it remains to be seen as to whether or not current protagonist Lee Everett will be available for a second season.

The Walking Dead season will be released for Xbox 360 and PS3, Telltale Games said.