Telltale’s Batman series at E3 in a big way, The Walking Dead Season 3 this Fall

Readying "Wayne Manor" for E3

Details on Telltale's Batman series along with The Walking Dead Season 3 have been few and far between since their announcements, but that all changed thanks to Job Stauffer – Telltale's Head of Creative Communications.

Stauffer revealed on Twitter that both titles will be represented at E3, and that the Batman series will debut this Summer, followed by The Walking Dead Season 3 this Fall. 

The Batman series will be the first game to finally play on the much needed updated engine as well. Gameplay has always been a shortfall for Telltale games, as they tend to focus on story immersion instead. The game's engine, however, has been failing a lot with the new generation consoles and received an update late last year. 

E3 begins Monday, June 13th for media and booth goers so we'll let you know what we hear as soon as it's announced. What do you think we'll see from Telltale Batman? Let us know