Telltale is excited for your YouTube playthroughs of The Walking Dead Season 2

Despite YouTube's crackdown on video game "Let's Plays," Telltale Games is excited to see your playthroughs of The Walking Dead Season Two.

Speaking to GameZone in an exclusive interviewSeason Two director Denis Lenart revealed some of his favorite moments about game design are watching people react to the game he's created. This includes watching footage of people playing the game on YouTube, which has made headlines lately due to its Content ID restrictions.

"My favorite moments are actually some of the tougher moments that we've put Clementine in," Lenart told GameZone. "You have it on paper, but when you actually see it — and watching people play some of these really intense kind of horrible scenes as Clementine's — and kind of coming in with really wanting to protect her just like in season one, I think that's pretty special."

"As soon as this comes out we'll definitely be watching all the YouTube playthroughs," he added.

Lenart's words come at a crucial time for the Let's Play community which has experienced a major issue with YouTube's Content ID policy. Although Telltale Games does allow fans to create Let's Play videos and walkthroughs of their games, the studio does not approve of monetizing copywritten material.

Check out the full interview with Telltale Games, including the trailer for Episode One of The Walking Dead Season Two, below.