Telling Twitter you want GTA 5 probably isn’t the best idea if you’re a college football player

Oklahoma cornerback Kass Everett is a male in his early 20s. At the most basic level, he fits the core demographic for Grand Theft Auto 5's market. So it's understandable why he was excited for the game's release this week and why he really wanted to play it.

Of course, being a broke college kid, Everett found himself a little short on cash and unable to go out and get the game at launch.

"Dang. I don't have enough for GTA V," he wrote on Twitter. "Guess I'll have to wait."

Former Oklahoma safety Tony Jefferson, now in the NFL playing for the Arizona Cardinals, jokingly offered to pick up the tab before poking fun at the whole compliance issue the NCAA has with boosters providing free things to current college athletes.

Everett then responded:

Apparently, OU Compliance didn't find the whole exchange too funny. Not long after the series of tweets, OU Compliance warned, "yes, former SAs are considered boosters and may not provide benefits to current SAs #GTAVWillHaveToWait"

Everett waited for Grand Theft Auto 5… for about 17 hours. And then he posted this (which has since been removed):

Kass Everett GTA 5

Everett swears he complied, offering a follow-up tweet that read: "I didn't know people made a deal about my gta v tweet. I know the rules lol I comply."

What did we learn from all of this?

  1. Going to Twitter to lament about being unable to afford GTA 5 probably isn't the best idea
  2. NCAA takes these compliance issues really seriously
  3. If the NCAA paid these student athletes just a fraction of the millions they help bring in we wouldn't have this type of situation
  4. Nothing will stop a gamer from getting Grand Theft Auto 5

I'm happy it all ended nicely, but let's hope the hookers and blow in GTA 5 don't detract from his performance in school or on-the-field.