Tekken X Street Fighter will let fans vote on roster

If anything, we're pretty sure that the meshing of Street Fighter and Tekken's universes will be sure to result in some of the most star-studded fighting we've seen in awhile. Thing is, with so many Capcom and Namco characters to choose from, it's obvious that more a few fan-favorites are going to be left on the sidelines. Though while the cast of Capcom's Street Fighter X Tekken is just about set in stone, it seems as though Namco Bandai's Katsuhiro Harada is interested in letting fans help decide the final roster for his companies half of the legendary crossover. 

This news comes courtesy of Harada's Twitter feed, where the developer let loose his thoughts after a fan queried whether Karin or Poison would be in the Tekken X Street Fighter:

 – "I'm planning "TKxSF Roster vote" on TEKKEN Facebook. Plz wait."

No word yet on when the vote will go live, but we'll be keeping a close eye Tekken Facebook page. Personally, I'll be stuffing the ballot with votes for Tron Bonne. Somebody's gotta show Megaman some love! Who will you be nominating?