Tecmo Koei Announces ‘Dynasty Warriors Next’ Release Date

Dynasty Warriors is a staple for gamers everyone. Gamers either love it or love to hate it, but whatever console or handheld you turn to, chances are you can find Dynasty Warriors on it in some form.

Tecmo Koei announced today that gamers in the US will be able to get their hands on the PS Vita version of their long-running Chinese dynasty brawler, Dynasty Warriors Next the same day that the next-gen handheld will debut as well. That's right, on February 22nd, not only will you be able to get your hands on a shiny new PS Vita, but you'll be able to cut down thousands of soldiers on Chinese battlegrounds as well.

If you're thinking that Dynasty Warriors Next will be a straight up port of a previous game, you might want to listen up. Besides allowing players to button mash their way to victory, both the touchscreen and rear touch-pad can be utilized for gameplay as well. Joining the ranks of the 65 standard fighters will be your created characters that can be made using the game's Edit Mode.

Who'se excited? I know I am!

Dynasty Warriors Next also brings back Edit Mode to allow for created characters along with the 65 standard warriors.